Deeply Rooted - Workshops



Six workshops.  You choose two.  Yeah...good luck deciding!



How to Work Together to Best Parent Our Kids Through the Challenges & Obstacles that Come into our Marriage & Life

About the speakers:

Kirk and Dennae Moore had this to say about their journey thus far.

"What did you do 4 months after getting married?  These two crazy kids at 22 and 23 decided to move away from families and home town and raise kids for a living.  In 2004 we graduated college in May got married in August and moved to Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch in December.  We had no children of our own at the time and by February we had 4 teenagers.  Since then we have had three boys of our own and many other kids along the way.  Usually we have about 10 kids at a time."

Besides being house parents, Kirk and Dennae are very active at Shelbina Christian Church.  Kirk serves as an elder and preaches on occasion while Dennae works with the youth.  These two have such servant hearts!



Practical Common Sense Tools to Help Your Marriage Thrive Financially

About the speakers:

Bradley and Kate Williams have been married for 10 years and have 3 children. Bradley is the Executive Minister at Forum Christian Church and Kate is a Family Medicine Physician. They bring a fun, interactive, and informative perspective on how to not only survive but thrive financially as a single, focused, and effective marriage team. In this session you will walk away with practical tools for communicating more effectively, tackling debt, and achieving financial success on your own terms. 


leaving a legacy

How to Build a Strong, Enduring Christian Family Legacy

About the speakers:

Ted and Rhonda McMillin had the following to say about their marriage.
 "This exciting, fun, crazy-love marriage kicked off in February 1988 and has been a greater blessing than we could have ever, ever imagined!  Our passion has been the husband & wife relationship as our first focus and then the discipleship of our three great kid's hearts that together we would pursue Christ's parting words in Matthew 28 to go and share the Gospel throughout this world.  The building of a strong, enduring Christian family legacy is a heart we believe aligns with God's desire for His children."  




Communication Through the Art of Listening

About the speakers:

Walter and Alberta Coplen had this to say:
"After 35 years of marriage, some days our communication is great, and we can finish each other's sentences. Some days we have no clue what each one is saying, and sometimes we just stop and listen."
Walter, a National Certified Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor, has a masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and has been in the mental health field for 30 years.



Taking Time to Embrace & Encourage your Spouse

About the speakers:

Terry and Vicki are a couple you can't help but love being around.  Vicki grew up in central Ohio and went to Bowling Green State University; Terry was raised in southwest Missouri and attended Mizzou.  Who knew they would meet at a Christian Campus Ministry Leadership Conference in St. Louis?  Who knew they would work through a long distance relationship, choose to love one another for the rest of their lives, get married and raise three wonderful children? Who knew? God.

God's goodness and grace has taken them through the joys and sorrows of marriage, and kept their lives knit together for over 35 years.  They desire to share their hearts with other couples because of the hope and encouragement God has given them, “A cord of three strands is NOT quickly broken.”



How to Make Your Marriage Not Only Last, but Keep Getting Better

About the speakers:

Brant and Carolyn were friends in college. Brant had never "dated" anyone before, and didn't know how to approach the idea. But he liked his pal Carolyn a lot.

So he blurted out, "I... love... you." 

Carolyn's response was brilliant and classic: "Uh... Thank you?"

They've now been married 27 years. They're learned a lot about the art of putting up with each other, and the importance of continuing to just plain laugh a lot. Their son, Justice, is an Intel Officer in the USAF, while daughter Julia is a senior at The King's College in New York City.