session one

September 10 - Scott Sutherland

This lesson is the intro to our study and explores the backdrop of the letter and more specifically how the church at Thessalonica started. 


September 17 -Scott Sutherland

In this session, we examine how the message of the Gospel rippled out from the believers in Thessalonica and what actions they took to make it happen.


September 24 - Scott Sutherland

When our lives are in alignment with Jesus it can actually inspire others to follow Jesus. In this session, we explore how the witness of the church in Thessalonica make a difference in the lives of others.

Session Four

October 1 - Scott Sutherland

Session four explores a tough topic - sin and holiness. One of the overarching themes throughout the scriptures is God's invitation to us to live lives that are holy. This session answers some tough questions and challenges us to wrestle with the tension between our sin and God's call to holiness. 

Session Five

October 8 - Bradley Williams

One of the foundational elements of our faith is the belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. In the section of Scripture that this session covers we will explore an interesting phrase used by Paul to describe a teaching of Jesus not found anywhere else in the Bible. 

session six

October 15 - Scott Sutherland

This session is a great starting point to begin the discussion about what you think and believe will happen when Jesus returns. The discussion centers in on Matthew 24 and examines the language Jesus uses to remind us that we need to be ready. 

Session Seven

October 22 - Scott Sutherland

In the book of James, we read that having faith without actions is useless. The Thessalonians were being encouraged by Paul to live out their faith. To help them he provides some interesting short phrases for defining what kind of character they should be displaying. This session will help all of us to think about our actions, and if they reflect the faith, we claim to have. 

session eight

October 29 - Scott Sutherland

In this session, we discover what kind of accomplishments and success God wants for us. 

session nine

November 5 - Bradley Williams

Session nine will challenge us in one of the most important topics we see in the life and teachings of Paul.

session ten

November 12 - Scott Sutherland

In this session, we focus in on what it was that made Jesus so approachable. In 2 Thess. chapter 3 we are given some great insight into what a next step could be for us.

session eleven

November 19 - Scott Sutherland

Our final session focuses in on the importance of boundaries. We will explore the foundational components to the building, repairing, and maintaining proper boundaries.