Marriage Weekend 2019

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main sessions // couples workshops // men & women workshops // games & giveaways

a weekend of refreshment, growth & a whole lot of fun

APRIL 12 & 13

FRI 7-9:30 & SAT 9-3:30

registration is $65 per couple (this includes lunch for two on Saturday)

main speaker: John Lynch

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As  a  world class communicator,  John is a vital Trueface staff member.  In addition to speaking  internationally with the Trueface team since 1997, John has co-authored The Cure, Bo’s Café,  Behind The Mask, and his own story, On My Worst Day.  John also powerfully delivered the  classic Two Roads Two Rooms allegory, which the co-authors created for The Cure.  John served for 27 years as teaching pastor at Open  Door  Fellowship in Phoenix, Arizona.  The authenticity, longevity, and playfulness of these two communities,  Trueface and Open Door, bring real-world reality and potency to the message of Trueface.  John used his  love for theater as a playwright and actor in Sharkey Productions, a troupe focused on gospel-anchored theater productions for those still seeking Jesus.

John and his wife Stacey often create inviting environments on their backyard patio and  elsewhere for people to enjoy authentic community.  They are passionate parents to their three  children, Caleb married to Kali, with granddaughters Maci and Payton; Amy married to Cody, with grandson Ridge; and Carly.



Life Freeing Protection

Speaker John Lynch

Do you feel like you keep making the same mistakes over and over, tripping over the same patterns again and again? Your wife can actually protect you from your brokenness and let the man you hoped you were be revealed.



Eric & Tanya have been married 17 years. They have four kids, one grumpy cat and one happy dog. Eric loves sports and sci fi and Tanya loves to be outside. They have been unsuccessful at changing one another’s interests for 17 years but still love being together more than anything else.

How God’s Word Changes Me

Speaker Tanya Willmeth

Instead of picking up our Bibles or marriage books to find ways to grow or change our husbands, what if we read with expectation that we will be the ones God will change? In this workshop, we are going to uncover Biblical truths that reveal what God will do in our hearts and minds as we seek Him in His word. We will also share practical ways we can be intentional about meeting God in His Word on a regular basis.


Choose two of the following workshops to attend as a couple…


The Healing Power of Affirmation

John & Stacey Lynch (married 34 years)

Many of us didn’t come from homes of affirmation. Children without affirmation can grow up not knowing who they are. As husband and wife, we have the gift to explain to each other who we are through learning to affirm.  This workshop will provide practical ways you too can learn the art of affirmation.

John and I love each other dearly, maybe more authentically than ever. We do hurt each other and get very sideways. Maybe even right before this conference. Who knows? :) 


Building Real Intimacy

Terry & Vicki Brooks (married 36 years)

Do your conversations sometime seem routine and revolve around mundane aspects of life?  Do you communicate kindness after a hard day at work, or after caring for several overly rambunctious children all day?  Do you speak lovingly to your spouse when your back hurts, or when you have a miserable head cold?  Our interactive workshop will provide opportunities to practice communicating with your spouse and deepen your God designed intimate marriage.

Terry and Vicki enjoy intimate moments when they walk, talk, sing, laugh, pray and snuggle together as they seek to grow closer to God and to one another through the challenges and joys of marriage. They enjoy doing ministry together and leading Forum Marriage Mentoring.


Love that’s Eternal

Ted & Rhonda McMillin (married 31 years)

Marriage is a wonderful gift from God, a fun adventure that can be more fulfilling than anything else!   Marriage can also be tough, painful and in some circumstances, a disappointment to the point of despair.  Yet, the Bible declares that marriage is the second most important “entity” or ministry that God created after His Church.  So the question is: Why do we get married?  What is it that we want our marriages to be?  Come and be encouraged and learn about tangible Biblical precepts to be used in your marriage for achieving a great WHY and a love that’s eternal!

Ted and Rhonda have been blessed with three children. They have a strong belief that God has created the marriage relationship to be not only amazing, but the center-piece in the home and a heartbeat in the local Church. Their hope is to positively impact marriages to encourage couples to live a life that makes much of Christ.


Mission Possible

Patrick & Loriana Sekarski (married 4.5 years)

Do you have a clear mission as a couple, or are you rowing in different directions? Marriage is more fun and a greater impact is made when we have a common mission and vision. Start developing these today and  set a fresh direction for your marriage.

Patrick & Loriana are 2 peas in a pod who met in the apple aisle of Hyvee. They approach situations very differently, and love doing things together like college ministry, ballroom dancing, hiking, golfing, tent camping and cooking.


The Enneagram & Marriage

Spencer & Amy Wicks (married 14 years)

Discover the message your heart longs to hear and how to anticipate the needs of your spouse. The Enneagram will show you how your unique personalities are what make you better together so you can learn how to communicate and thrive in marriage.

Amy’s a dreamer (and an Enneagram 3) and Spencer’s a tree climber (and an Enneagram 9) and together, they are raising their 3 kids who are (often) found swinging off tree limbs as well. They love early Saturday morning dates at a coffee shop, serving at Radiant Church KC and talking about the Enneagram with others.

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Couples who laugh, learn and adventure together, grow together.