Men's Pathways




fully alive men’s campout

FRI, MAY 17 6:00 PM - SAT, MAY 18 2:00 PM at Rudolf Bennitt State Wildlife Area (about 30 miles north of Columbia)

When's the last time you've fished, shot a firearm, competed with men in marksmanship (small pistol, bow & arrow), Kubb (Swedish Viking game) challenge, ate steak, and discussed manly stuff around a fire all while camping under the stars?  On May 17-18, our Men of Forum have those exact events planned for you.  All you have to do is pack and signup (seriously, we'll even have guns for you to shoot and food for you).  It is a lot of fun, camaraderie, and adventure packed into 24 hours.

  • Cost is just $40

  • Arrive about an hour early to get your tent setup.  Show up as early as 1:30 PM.

  • Please bring a chair, tent, flashlight, comfortable clothes and any other recreational supplies you might want such as fishing poles, guns, etc.



THUR, MAY 9 from 6:30-8:30 PM in the lobby

A men’s gathering for all visiting and attending Forum men to eat BBQ, shape-character (Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men), enhance guy etiquette (Art of Manliness), and connect with other guys who are on the same journey and fighting the same battles.  

Get in is Forum men’s monthly gathering and will run the second Thursday of every month through May 2019. The cost is just $5.00 plate. What are you waiting for?  Get In.


GET healthy

THURDAYS @ 8 PM in the lobby

A weekly men’s gathering for men who are just getting started.  It will last from Sept 20 through the first week of Dec (taking breaks during the week of the monthly “Get In” since you won’t want to miss a chance to attend those).  

This is your opportunity to build friendships and walk together through the challenges placed before men: challenges that range from maximizing your fantasy football roster to navigating manhood, regret, sexual purity, & anger.  Together, we will discover how God intends for us to walk through those challenges.  This is our foundational meeting, so what you learn in this semester will help shape your next steps.



Various meeting times available

What does it look like to know and follow Jesus on your own - outside of the Sunday morning service?  Join a Get Strong group and find out! Learn disciplines such as study, prayer, and simplicity. Understand how the Gospel can be lived out in your marriage and workplace.  Times and locations vary by group and studies will be picked to meet you where you are. More important than the studies are the relationships that will be built between the leader, yourself, and the other men.  



Now that you’ve walked through the pathways, join us in doing the same for other men.  Looking to serve in one of the pathways or have a calling to lead in another capacity?  Let’s talk about it over breakfast or coffee! Click below and let’s get going - together.