Summer Camps



FRI, JUN 14 & 15 at High Hill Christian Camp

The Kick Start session is great for kids just beginning their church camp experience.  This unique weekend getaway is designed to introduce those going into Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades to Christian camping in a comfortable environment. A parent (or guardian) accompanies their child and they discover together that what we read in the Bible is not a bunch of random stories, but one story about God’s love for us!  They will explore the wonder of God’s story through storytelling, games, crafts, devotion time together, and a whole lot of fun!

  • We will leave at 4:00 PM on Friday and return at 5:00 PM on Saturday



THU, JUN 20-22 at High Hill Christian Camp

Camp 23 offers a transition year for our second and third grade campers.  Following Kick Start camps where our campers attend an overnight camp with a parent and before the longer session at Camp 45, Camp 23 gives campers an opportunity to be at camp on their own for two nights.  These campers will get the gears turning in their minds and hearts through worship, Bible lessons, activities, and creative spiritual application. Along with all of that, they get the fun camp experiences of the blob, the zipline, paddleboats, kayaks, the swimming pool, campfires, 9 square in the air, GaGa ball, canteen, sleeping in the cabins, singing fun songs in the dining hall, group games, and so much more!

  • We will leave at 2:00 PM on Thursday and return at 12:00 PM on Saturday



SUN, JUN 16-20 at High Hill Christian Camp

Fourth and fifth graders are so often trying to figure out the puzzle of life and how they fit in it. At Camp 45, they will learn that a relationship with God is a must in putting that puzzle together. Along with all the usual camp games, lake activities, pool, archery and shooting range, campfires, etc., 4th-5th graders will experience worship and Bible teaching geared specifically for their age and learn what a relationship with God looks like and the difference it can make in their own lives.  Camp 45 is the first opportunity for many campers to stay for a longer session of camp.  We have an amazing camp ready for this age of kiddos!

  • We will leave at 2:00 PM on Sunday and return at 12:00 PM on Thursday


middle school

JUL 14 - 19 at High Hill Christian Camp in High Hill, MO

Camp is a week long experience filled with bible study, worship, group games, countless outdoor activities, memories, and much more.

  • Early Registration is $200 (prices go up May 1st)



JUNE 10-15 at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN

MOVE is a five-day program for high school students to experience God. Each week includes daily devotional times, nightly worship celebrations, community discipleship and challenging messages.

  • Cost is $300

  • all spots are filled