Worship Connect


Become a team member to use and develop your skills to make a difference


The process is easy:

  1. Connect with us now

  2. We will follow up to begin our simple assessment process

  3. Become a team member



Core Values

Gospel Centered: We submit to Jesus for who He is and what He has done

Relationship Oriented: We engage with others out of our unity in Jesus

Attitude: We become like Jesus in our humility and passionate worship to God

Commitment to Mission: We recognize the mission to connect people to Jesus is for all believers

Excellence: We exemplify and worship God by giving Him our very best

We plan, lead, and evaluate our environments through the lens of our core values



What to Expect:

  • We make the process as easy as possible

  • We will work with you if you don’t feel ready

  • We are flexible with your schedule